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Please let us know your travel information so we can plan pickup and dropoff at the airport.

You must purchase your pass 5 days before you land in the Galapagos.

If you are not sure about your arrival time yet, choose a date in the future and email us at once this clears.

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Please note: If your flight arrives after 12:30 PM, you might not be able to visit the Charles Darwin Scientific Station as this closes at 4 pm. However, please notice this attraction is free and you can go later on your trip on your own if interested.

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Please note: If your flight departs before 10:30 am, you might not be able to visit the coffee plantation as this will not open early enough for you to make it to your flight.

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If you don't have a hotel booked yet, please specify that in your email and send us an email to
It is mandatory that we know this information at least three days before you come.



Choose the date you would like to go on each activity. If you are not sure yet, choose a date and email us at at least a week prior to arrival with dates.

Galapagos History Excursion and Airport Pickup
Tortuga Beach and Bay Tour
Santa Fe Island Tour
Coffee Plantation Excursion and Airport Dropoff

You will take the “Galapagos History Excursion” on the same day that you arrive and the “Coffee Plantation Tour” on the same that you depart, as these activities are arranged along with the airport pick-up and drop-off. If for any reason you are interested in doing either one of these activities at different dates than the arrival or departure please contact us at


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